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Great post, Ron. Some ideas (apologies ahead of time when it comes to size):

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Great post, Ron. Some ideas (apologies ahead of time when it comes to size):

1. Does not the real method we talk declare that the label “gay” does indeed carry implications for identification? “I’m homosexual” is not the only method of placing it.

There’re more perspicuous claims of identity (“I am a homosexual”, “Gay–it’s just exactly exactly what we am”), which carry particular implications of permanence or immutability (“I happened to be created this way”, I feel toward other men”, “I’ll always be (a) homosexual”)“ I can’t change the way. This really isn’t just language befitting acute cases of intercourse addiction or condition (like John Paulk’s). One’s homosexuality is, without doubt, never ever any little matter, and can always impact the span of one’s life. However it is not necessarily the principal element around which everything else revolves. A child might find out their own emotions of attraction to many other men from early age, but we question lots of people would–even retrospectively–describe this once the theme that is dominant of youth. Labels like “gay” are meant to be broad groups, signing up to anybody, at all ages or phase of life, interested in the sex that is same. Nor will they be simple self-labels (“I’m a man that is gay and you’re too”).

2. That which you yet others at SF find objectionable about such identity talk, we go, may be the import that is normative other people go on it to own. Ex-gays genuinely believe that any so-called gay identification is fundamentally at chances with one’s “identity in Christ”. When I realize their view: it is really not one’s homosexuality by itself that is problematic (because this can’t be changed or helped–though ex-gays utilized to reject this), but one’s endorsement of his very own same-sex orientation, and its particular ultimate manifestation in intimate behavior, this is certainly supposedly antithetical to one’s identification as a Christian believer. (As a result, i believe the greater response that is fitting any “sinful” orientation should really be renouncement, instead of repentance, of whatever sinful desires look. ) In this sense, self-labels like “gay” are problematic, given that they connote an identification (now grasped while the recommendation of one’s orientation and all sorts of that follows) this is certainly basically at odds with one’s Christian calling. Read More